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Contests, festivals and activities

The following activities, run by the Center of activities, have become common:

- the Republican exhibition of children’s art and master-teachers;

- show-contest Uran ustar tyuhyulgalara (the City of Masters);

- song and dance contest Sir – bihik (Earth – my cradle);

- song contest among school children and students;

- festival of dance groups among youngsters;

- boys’ choir contest Yllaa-tuoi, uol okho (Come on, boys! Let’s sing!).

One of the unique forms of work is organization and holding of the republican song contest of, initiated by the instructor of folk band Kanchaary (Young Growth) V.S. Parnikov, an honored teacher of the USSR and RF, an honored worker of culture of the RF and RS(Y), a methodologist and a tutor.

For the period of 2004-2006 the following children group has taken part in international children festivals: Michaar (Namsky district, instructor – A.N. Okoyemov, 25 children), Tuymaada Dance (Yakutsk, instructor – V.I. Uarova, 24 children), Tyuhyulgaa Kyergallara (Nyurba district, instructor – N.E. Vasilyeva, 35 children), the Theater of young spectators (Megino-Kangalassky district, instructor – E.N.Ivanova, 30 children), Aman Os (Suntar district, instructor – Z.P. Nikulina, 13 children), Kyulyumchaana (Gorny district, instructor – O.V. Tekeyanova, 30 children), Zabava (Kangalassy town, instructor – M.N. Kukina, 22 children), Aiyylgy (Oimyakon district, instructor A.E. Alekseev, 14 children), Yllykchaan (Megino-Kangalassky district, 24 children).

Thewinner in the nomination of the Best National Costume at the International Folk Festival Russian Wonder in Tunis is children dance group Erelchaan (Pavlovsk town, Megino-Kangalassky district, instructor – V.G. Plotnikova, 26 children), children folk group Kheiro (Anabar district, instructor – L.G. Borisova, 12 children). Children group Sykyys (Nyurba district, instructor – A.I. Innokentyeva, 25 children) took part in the International Festival of Culture Eurasia-2005 in Istanbul, Turkey. There were many other groups as well which are now an example for beginners.


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