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Kuyaar means Universe in the Yakut language, calling and hooting expanse of infinity. It contains the past, present and future. The cosmological conception of the Yakuts, who live under the influence of the world's two poles- the Northern Pole and the Pole of Cold, with Aurora Borealis in the background over the permafrost and ices of the severe Arctic Ocean, is full of feeling which unites human, society, nature and universe.

The goal of the multi-lingual Internet portal (the Russian, English, Yakut and Even languages) is to assist the preservation and development of cultural diversity, creative activity and dialogues among nations through the spread of culture and art knowledge of the nations in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The idea of the project belongs to the Minister of Education, RS(Y), Gabysheva F.V. and is supported by the Minister of Culture and Spiritual Development, RS(Y), Borisov A.S.

The project is run by ASICA, with the help of the UNESCO bureau in Moscow. The Center of New Information Technologies of the Sakha State University is working on program, design and technical support of the portal.

The observatory will inform about the measures of preservation, propaganda of the Olonkho epos, which has been acknowledged by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the world oral and intangible heritage of mankind. The portal information will assist to preserve the cultural heritage and folklore of the peoples in the RS(Y). It will also help to integrate the system of general and continuous professional education in the sphere of culture, science, creative work and cultural values. The portal summarizes the cultural experience in the educational system, systematizes the spectrum of research in the sphere of culture and art and accumulates creative ideas and intellectual resources in the field of cultural diversity of RS(Y).

The portal's administration hopes that its activity will activate the dialogue between people and cultures in the huge information space - Kuyaar.


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