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The «Lena Pillars» Natural Park

A majestic wall of basaltic rocks, made of red sandstone — continues it seems forever — along the right coast of the beautiful Siberian river Lena. These well-known Lena Pillars continue mile after mile. However, these mighty rocks only seem like one solid wall when passing by from afar, rising as they do from an equal and smooth surface and reaching upwards into the dark blue sky. Actually each column is unique. Each rock has its own history, its secret and its mystery.

The monumental beauty of Lena Pillars is capable of bewitching anyone. A person seeing them for the first time will involuntarily become numb and gaze in a stupefied manner. Everybody sees something special in them, perceives them in his or her own way. For some, the Pillars are medieval castles, churches, oriental columns and a triumphal arch. Others assert that the rocks remind them of an ancestor who died a long time ago, or heroes of a national folk epic. To someone else the imagination draws strange animals, unearthly landscapes, other worlds... But they all form a unity — here, among this magnificence, a mortal is particularly sensitive and feels as a part of an entity — a part of the Universe — a child of Nature.

Lena Pillars is the most picturesque place on this great river. No mortal has touched a stone to create this miracle. Yakuts refer with great awe to ancient legends and stories of the people. They keep them in their memory and transmit this heritage to their children and grandchildren. Any local person will tell you with pleasure one of these legends about Lena Pillars and the riches of Yakutia if you happen to meet someone in this surprising place.

Passing over the Earth, God scattered the riches, allocating different values and fertility to this land. As he felt cold above Yakutia, all muffled up, he spilled both gold, silver and precious gems out of his bag. He had hurried quickly to reach warmer places, but passing over Lena, was stupefied by her splendor and greatness. He stopped to take another look and drink some water. He scooped up water with his hands and his fingers remained here to show how much he admired this place.

Indeed, some rocks of arabesque forms, towering along the right shore of Lena, remind one of the fingers of a huge mighty palm. However the show is so surprising, that fancy in her frenzy draws for each a personal drawing to suit the imagination. From the apex lies this grandiose panorama of the river, abound-less taiga, rocks and the sky of the most different hues, forcing the spectator to feel like an insignificant part of the huge Universe. The sensation is incredible and impossible to describe in words. Only seeing it with your own eyes can give you an impression impossible to explain otherwise. A journey to the Lena Pillars is one of the biggest if not the biggest impression that a visitor traveling through Yakutia could experience and of course much much more...


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